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SRS's (Stability Running Shoes) are shoes that have particular features that allow them to be in a subset of the running shoes market. SRS's have an extra support and motion flow control designs to prevent the feet from sliding when you're going for a run.

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There are many things that actually affect your performance and ability to run well and injury free. Conditioning, training and flexibility are important but there is one external factor that plays a big role and that is shoe selection. If your body was an automobile your shoes would be your tires, shock absorbers, suspension, brakes and traction control system. 

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Running is an activity practiced by many individuals with various body types and physical attributes. When choosing a pair of running shoes, men should consider the factors that define their individual experience because it can make the difference between a comfortable run or blisters and joint pain at the end of the day. 

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Athletes have secrets. You may wonder what is behind the fastest man in running. Although every athlete used to practice hard in order to win the competition, there is a secret ingredient that they mix into their running system. 

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Running as an exercise is a great way to strengthen your aerobic and cardiovascular capacities. 

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One question runners have is whether they should use running shoes, or if shoes designed for other kinds of exercise will work. 

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